Moving Out

Time for A Change.
As your needs change, we can change to meet them.
Whether your need to move to a different size, or move out, here’s how it works.
Safe N Sound Storage lease agreements are month-to-month. You can move out at any time with 48 hours written or verbal notice. It’s helpful when you provide us with more notice, including specific dates you plan to move, but it’s not necessary.
PRE-PAID RENT Rent paid in advance is considered pre-paid rent. There will be no refund for unused days if you vacate after the rent due date of the current month.
MOVE OUT DAY On your move out day, simply remove all personal belongings and waste for your unit, including your lock. Finally please notify the staff when this is completed for a quick inspection to ensure your unit is completely empty and clean.
They will also close your account from our computer system.
NEED TO CHANGE TO A DIFFERENT UNIT? Sometimes you need less, sometimes you need more. We have plenty of different unit sizes and our
staff will be happy to assist you in managing a seamless transition to a new unit that’s perfect for you.